Winter moon pelapy: Hunter’s sam logo, Rolin’s moss color and Bend’s like in tin foil

Burn it to snow

Dara Rollins (50) is living proof that winter is not only about boring neutral layers and dark faded rags. On the contrary, colorful outfits stand out in the snow and are a great way to break it up anywhere.

Just be careful if you have a jacket in your pocket. It’s better to have more of them in basic colors, because the colored ones are always quicker to look at, and it only takes a while.

Dara Rollins

Flight jackets yes, but…

Karolna Maliov (26) blended into the aft sections, flattering them with a black flight jacket. It is very trendy, just like knitwear.

On the other hand, although these pieces go together in color, the silhouettes do not go well together. Different loose trousers and a jacket make the figure optically angular, which fits a man who does not have such a good figure as Karolna.


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