Claudia Portocarrero responds to Dilbert Aguilar’s wife: “He is my family, we have known each other for more than 18 years”

Claudia Portocarrero responds to Dilbert Aguilar’s wife. (Composition: Infobae)

Strong declarations. Claudia Portocarreroex-partner of Dilbert Aguilardid not hesitate when speaking to a local media about the situation of his ex-partner, who was recently hospitalized due to a severe pneumonia in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the EsSalud hospital in Angamos, in Miraflores. Additionally, he addressed the communication he had with his current wife, Jhazmin Gutarra.

In her statements, the former dancer made it clear that her main concern is focused on the cumbia singer’s health and not on the media circumstances. “I had a communication with her and she is a little upset, uncomfortable because of all the information that had appeared in the media and because it has been made public. “She is not upset, but she is uncomfortable,” he said. Portocarrero.

La ‘Ñañita’ emphasized that she was worried about Dilbert’s health, since they share a long history of knowing each other: “I told him that I have nothing to do with it because I focus on Dilbert, not on the press (…). “He is my family, we have known each other for more than 18 years,” she noted. As recalled, Claudia Portocarrero said she had not received information about the Cumbiambero’s health.

“I started calling him and he didn’t answer me; Then, Jazmín (his partner) answered me. I asked him how he was and he didn’t answer me. Until I started searching all the hospitals, until I found his report,” said the former model at that time.

Claudia Portocarrero is affected by the state of health of her ex-partner Dilbert Aguilar. | capture/YouTube/broadcast

Jasmine Gutarra noted that she has maintained discretion about her husband’s medical condition, Dilbert Aguilar, who is already out of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He stressed that only the immediate family and close people have the right to receive information about Aguilar’s health, dismissing the expectations of Claudia Portocarrero about.

“I respect the friendship that my husband may have with her, I don’t know what to tell you. If I didn’t answer him it was because I’m in trouble, but saying things like that, out of context, is unnecessary. (…) He has no right to know about my husband,” said Jazmín Gutarra.

“Yes, I let him know things about his health, I let him know. Yes, I told him, but I it’s quite sad that she wants to put me against or the family, which is not going to happen,” he added to El popular.

Claudia Portocarrero complains about not knowing about Dilbert Aguilar and his wife confronts her. | capture/America TV/YouTube/broadcast

As is known, Jasmine Gutarra provided details about the health of the renowned tropical cumbia singer, who is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Contrary to some previous information, Gutarra clarified that the reason for Dilbert Aguilar’s entry It wasn’t pulmonary fibrosis, but severe pneumonia. According to Jazmín, her husband is “out of danger and stable” after spending six days in the ICU.

In addition, she reported that her husband is not in a chronic condition, but that the decision to keep him in the ICU responds to the need to use some machines that will contribute to his recovery.

“He is stable. He is out of danger. I want to comment that my husband (Dilbert Aguilar) was never admitted for pulmonary fibrosis, but rather for severe pneumonia. “Today is the sixth day that he is in the ICU, but not because his condition is chronic, but because they prefer to keep him in that place because there are machines that he will still need and that will help him recover,” said Jazmín. Gutarra.

Dilbert Aguilar, the cumbia icon who is fighting for his life in the ICU after complications from pulmonary fibrosis. | diffusion

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