The State Duma said that a political show was made from the appeal of General Popov

State Duma deputy, head of the working group on the special military operation Andrey Turchak called General Ivan Popov the pride of Russia. He wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

According to Turchak, Popov’s message was published in private chats of commanders and soldiers of the 58th Army and was not public.

“The fact that the “deputy” Gurulev somehow got him and made a political show out of this, let it remain on his conscience,” Turchak emphasized.

He noted that Popov’s conscience remained clear, such commanders as he, the Motherland can be proud of.

Before this, State Duma deputy and former commander of the 58th Army Andrei Gurulev published an appeal by General Popov on his Telegram channel that he had been suspended from service.

According to Popov, a difficult situation arose between him and the senior authorities, in which “it was necessary either to remain silent and cowardly” or “to call a spade a spade.”

Earlier, the United States named one of the greatest threats to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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