Klava Koka spoke about the friend zone and missed relationships

Singer Klava Koka took part in the filming of a new episode of the VK show “Natal Map”. She talked with presenters Dmitry Zhuravlev and Olesya Ivanchenko about her approach to relationships.

According to Klava Koka, she used to flirt a lot.

“I talked a lot with guys, and it didn’t end with more than the friend zone. But I didn’t do it out of malice. And then I realized that it was bad, and I stopped,” the singer said, adding that she now began to think more about the feelings of other people.

Koka also urged not to be shy about telling the objects of your feelings about your attitude towards them, admitting that she had relationships that the artist considers missed.

“Three years later, a man came up and said: listen, I’ve loved you all these years. And I also had emotions for him, perhaps something would have worked out. And here we are, three years later: I’m in a relationship, he’s in a relationship,” recalls Klava Koka.

In 2023, Klava Koka began dating a participant in the show “Klava’s Heart”, Alexander Poverin.

The day before, Lyusya Chebotina criticized Klava Koka’s new novel.

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