The dentist explained how to distinguish a good filling from a bad one

There are several important criteria for distinguishing a good filling from a bad one – for example, in the case of using low-quality material or improper installation by a specialist. Russian dentist and founder of the Smilestudio clinic Luiza Avtandilyan told Gazeta.Ru about this.

“A good filling must be made of high-quality materials that are highly durable and durable. Such materials include light-curing composites, glass ionomers, and ceramic inlays,” the expert began.

She also emphasized that bad fillings quickly lose their color and shape, and also do not adhere well to the dental tissue.

“A good filling usually does not stand out against the background of the tooth – it should be invisible and have a natural shade. A correctly installed filling preserves the anatomical shape of the tooth with all its fissures and tubercles,” the doctor emphasized.

She also identified correctly formed contact points as the main differences of a high-quality filling. A good filling should have a smooth surface and not be felt in the mouth, fit well into the bite and not interfere with the upper and lower dentitions closing.

“The most important sign by which you can distinguish a good filling from a poor one is the absence of painful or uncomfortable sensations after filling,” concluded Louise Avtandilyan.

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