Residents of Odessa began to get rid of gym memberships after raids by military commissars

Some Odessa residents began to give away their gym memberships for free after military registration and enlistment office employees came to raid some establishments. This was reported by the Ukrainian publication

“Due to recent events, I have decided to give up sports,” one of the fitness club visitors wrote in the announcement.

At the beginning of December, Ukrainian media reported that sports centers and gyms in Kyiv, Transcarpathian, Dnipropetrovsk, and Uzhgorod regions were raided by employees of territorial acquisition centers (TCC), who handed out summonses to visitors to the institutions.

At the same time, the authorities called the delivery of the summons to conscripts in gyms, entertainment, and other establishments legal.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, serving a summons does not mean that the citizen is immediately taken to the battlefield. As the military registration and enlistment office indicated, first the data is checked, the conscript undergoes a medical examination, and only after that, if the person is fit for service, a mobilization order is issued.

Earlier, the rector of the UOC temple said that at the age of 68, he received a summons to the army.

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