Comedy Woman star explained why she refused gastric resection

Singer and actress Nadezhda Angarskaya admitted on the show “The Stars Aligned” that she was offered a gastric resection, but she refused.

Angarskaya noted that she knows people who have undergone gastric reduction surgery. According to her, for many, resection did not give any results in losing weight. The star also explained her decision by saying that she did not want to let down people who looked up to her weight loss achievements.

“It will be dishonest to the people who look at me, whom I once inspired to some at least more or less healthy lifestyle. I’ll lose weight and say: “Look, I’m so cool because I have good willpower. And you are all quitters. You can’t do it because you are all spineless,” the star noted.

Angarskaya added that she would also like to have another child. However, she does not know how the resection will affect her health. She worries that problems might arise. TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya and singer Yulian supported the singer.

“When I talked about this with a surgeon who performs such operations, he just said that this is a voluntary disability,” Malinovskaya noted.

“A lot of my friends did this and are now disabled, yes,” said Yulian.

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