Singer Charlotte, who burned his Russian passport, confessed his love for SHAMAN

Blogger and aspiring singer Charlotte, who was arrested after publicly burning a Russian passport in front of a video camera, admitted that he really loves the artist SHAMAN and would be happy to record a joint track with him. He also told the SHOT Telegram channel that he wants to be reborn and wash away the shame.

I really want to be reborn and wash away the shame. I want to be the one who further enriches our country, and in the future I have no right to do anything like that. I would be happy to [record a joint track] with SMAMAN. “I love Yaroslav Dronov very much, I’ve known him for seven years ,” admitted Charlotte.

The Leninsky District Court of St. Petersburg previously arrested Charlotte for 13 days for petty hooliganism. The singer was detained last night at Pulkovo airport when he returned from abroad. He was charged with several administrative offenses, in particular under articles about deliberate damage to a passport and discrediting the army. He fully admitted his guilt.

The head of the public movement “Veterans of Russia” Ildar Rezyapov believes that Charlotte could volunteer to go to the special operation zone and repay his debt to the Motherland. In his opinion, in this way the aspiring singer will set an example for the younger generation.

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