Gabriela Guillén is happy about the birth of Bertín Osborne’s granddaughter


After hearing the news of the birth of the second daughter of Claudia Osborne and José Entrecanales, and granddaughter of Bertín Osborne, we have spoken with Gabriela Guillén, who gave birth a few weeks ago to the child in common with the television presenter and we have asked her if awaits his visit. The artist has been seen in the capital seeing his daughter Claudia and her newborn granddaughter and many expect him to stop by Gabriela’s home to meet the model’s son and also worry about how he is after the birth and the first of weeks as a new mother. However… it seems that the physical therapist is not expecting a visit or a call. Of course, he is happy about the birth of Claudia’s daughter: “That’s great, congratulations” and he refused to comment on whether he thinks Bertín will take advantage of her stay in Madrid to reunite with her: “Thank you very much.” Furthermore, she does not want to talk about the lawsuit she would have filed to undergo paternity tests nor about the transfers she would have made since she was pregnant: “I can’t tell you anything, thank you very much, really,” but she has launched an enigmatic message: “Time to time.” Finally, the model revealed that her son is “very well” and she said goodbye to the cameras to continue with her daily chores, avoiding all questions about the birth of Bertín’s granddaughter.

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