Mayor of Gijón (Forum) defends the break with Vox after the “ambush” at the Film Festival by order of Madrid


The mayor of Gijón, Carmen Moriyón (Forum), accused Vox this Thursday of having carried out an “ambush” at the expense of the Gijón International Film Festival, to comply with the dictates of Madrid, according to her. Moriyón, speaking to the media after a reception at City Hall, asked what the aforementioned Festival, 60 years old, had done “to be in trouble”, with reference to the announcement by the Councilor for Celebrations until this past Wednesday, Sara Álvarez Rouco (Vox), to adapt the film contest to the ideals of her party and create a new award. “As it was not a joke, I made the decision that had to be made,” remarked the councilor, who stressed that none of the three tripartite parties – until this Wednesday – either during the campaign or afterwards had made any mention of changes. at the FICX. And although it has indicated that it may be susceptible to improvement like any event, it cannot be in “question” and sow “uncertainties”, as well as create awards in accordance with the values ​​of a political party, with reference to Vox, this festival being ” brand” of the city. “He who wants goes, and he who doesn’t want doesn’t go,” she stressed. “No one is dirtying that, in the name of any acronym of any political party,” Moriyón has made clear. “Everything has a limit,” she added. For her, it is “very serious” that it was also done to comply with Madrid’s mandate of some acronyms about what the Gijón festival had to be like. At this point, the mayor has acknowledged that she was worried, while she has confessed that she did not want to see him, alluding to Vox’s way of acting. She has also explained that Vox had blocked the formation of the Divertia Board of Directors since last August 29, because Rouco did not go to the notary. A month later she learned that the Vox councilor had been informed by the legal services of the General Board of the Principality of Asturias that this position is incompatible, as well as that of representative on the Board of Directors in Gijón al Norte, the company that manages the Plan de Vías, with the position of regional deputy. “Let it be forgotten,” she said of the position in Gijón al Norte about Rouco. “And he doesn’t tell anyone,” she complained about Rouco, to which she questioned “what loyalty that is.” Moriyón has reproached him for blocking all that time a Board of Directors through which he already had to go through the programming of celebrations for the coming months. “I don’t know what causes these strange things nor do I understand them,” said the mayor, who added that she can’t find an explanation for them. To this she has added the “ambush” to a Gijón brand such as FICX. “WE ARE A PINEAPPLE” she has assured, on the other hand, that she is “very calm”, as are the other councilors that make up the local government. She has also pointed out that on this day the draft Tax Ordinances were signed, as proof that the City Council continues to function. What’s more, she recalled that in the other two terms in which she was mayor, in one she governed with eight councilors and in another with nine. “Now there are 13 of us, nothing is put in front of us,” she assured with reference to the Government pact with the PP, which is moving forward. “We are a group,” she said before stating that the City Council is not going to be paralyzed. For the moment, the mayor once again holds the Festejos competence, which Vox had, until she delegates it again to another councilor. “I’m not in a hurry about anything right now,” she said, before emphasizing that what is urgent is what she already did, with reference to removing Vox from the Government. She has thanked, at this point, the support of the PP in this whole matter. He has also claimed the local government’s capacity for dialogue and consensus, with a view to carrying out the municipal budgets for 2024. “Gijón will have a budget, I have no doubt,” highlighted Moriyón, who has advanced that with Vox they will not negotiate. Regarding whether she has spoken with Rouco since what happened, she has indicated that she has not, and then draws attention to whether the Vox councilor perhaps spoke with her before leaving to give a press conference “attacking and trying to dismantle the Film Festival of Gijón”. She also did not propose to Rouco to make changes to the FICX. Moriyón has also referred to other points of the Government agreement with Vox, among which was reviewing the Equality Ordinance, not repealing it, she wanted to make clear. In this case, if Vox had presented allegations, under that pact, the mayor would have had to study them and, according to her, they would have surely reached an agreement. That said, she has pointed out that Vox missed the deadline to present them, so she has stressed that the Forum is not to blame for this.

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